How Hackers Use Social Media To Access Your Accounts

How Hackers Use Social Media To Access Your Accounts

How Hackers Use Social Media To Access Your Accounts

Now the hacker can transfer any or all of the funds in your bank accounts wherever they please. Also, if the transaction is red-flagged by the banking institutions, they will be contacting the hacker to verify the transaction instead of the genuine account holder. By employing social engineering techniques, the hacker will generally have enough information to answer security questions. With full access to the accounts, the rate of success is alarming high. Some recent reports have identified fraud and identity theft claims in the tens of thousands just since the beginning of this year.

How Hackers Use Social Media To Access Your Accounts

A few recommendations to try to safeguard your personal information and accounts are very straightforward. First, do not ever give out personal information on the phone or over the internet. When you receive an email or call from your banking institution, do not immediately respond. Hang up or exit the email, google your bank’s contact information and initiate a call using their published information. If the contact was legitimate, their telephone representatives should be able to assist you with whatever the reason was for the initial contact.

Next, spend some time checking and adjusting the privacy settings on your electronic devices and all of the social media sites you have downloaded. Install a privacy protection program on your devices and run scans frequently to eliminate malware that has crept in unknowingly.

Change your passwords and not include any information that someone would know by looking through your social media sites or your wallet.

Take the time to change to longer passwords that include random numbers and symbols.

Please do not create a spreadsheet or save them on your device. Write them down and keep them in a secure location. And finally, to make it even more difficult for a hacker to get to your money, do not download any mobile financial apps. If you need to do remote banking, opt for telephone banking instead. The less information you put on your phone, the safer you will be in the long run.

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For more information please visit Report Fraud website.

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