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How are you being profiled?

TotesNewsworty: How is your data used:

Your data is used by different people for different things. I’ll elaborate.

The Government:

The government uses your profile to determine if you’re going to be a good citizen or not. Are you too strongly leaning conservative? Too liberal? Do they think you’re too radical in your party affiliation, and you could be an issue? This profile can be used to determine if you do or don’t get a government job later in life.


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Companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Google take your data to build a profile to sell it. There isn’t somebody at google listening to your phone calls hoping to hear something interesting, so they can quickly write it down. It’s all stored automatically.

Your profile is then sold onto a third party, like Amazon, for example, so it can be used to predict your future. Not in a creepy psychic way, in a “what are you going to purchase next way.”

Keep all of this in mind when you go on your next Facebook rant, or you’re telling private information within earshot of your home device or your phone.

TotesNewsworthy says, You never know who’s listening.

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