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Honda Civic Type R

Honda Civic Type R is Set to Destroy Competitor Hatchbacks

To an enthusiastic group of auto enthusiast that love hatchbacks, Honda made the remarkable debut of the 2017 hatchback version of the Civic. The Honda Civic Type R is a ferocious design that looks like it is going to eat the competition, with ground effects and a sleek design. This new model design was released in Paris and has set the internet aflame.

The Honda Civic Type R is ready to perform on the track and is one of the most exciting designs to be released this year. This vehicle is the first Honda type R that exists in the United States. Americans can look forward to purchasing this vehicle in November of 2016. There will be a 10th generation version of the Civic LX and DX in the next year. Also, auto enthusiasts are excited about having variations of Civic Si released next year as well.

Honda Civic Type R

The body of the Honda Civic Type R is low to the ground and built for performance. This new design is a vast body that is meant to hug the road and all the curves. All of the panels have a finish on them similar to an aluminum finish. As a prototype car, this looks very futuristic and has a sporty design that stands out from the rest There are even red accents all over the vehicle, and air intakes that are sculpted.

Occasionally some cars are introduced to the market that surprise drivers and the Honda Civic Type R are one of those models. Honda has gone all out with their design teams in Japan and Europe working on this new and edgy design. This performance hatchback is expected to bring in large numbers over the next years. Those looking for an updated hatchback design are excited about the prospects that the Honda Civic Type R will make in the auto industry.

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