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Avocado shortage 2016

Holly Guacamole Batman Prices will be going up up up! Avocado shortage 2016!

That’s right you heard it here on Totesnewsworthy. There is a shortage of Avocados that will cause the price of one of our most favorite dips to skyrocket. Avocado shortage 2016 is here! It seems like there is a strike going on in Mexico were the Avocado Pickers are wanting higher wages. Can’t blame them picking fruit would be hard work but this has now caused a shortage and is starting to drive the prices up and up. According to an article in Time magazine over 40 million pounds of Avocados are shipped to the States every week. Wow, this will hurt, the one important thing is that now more and more people are using the fruit as a substitute for other fats since the properties in the avocado are much healthier not to mention tastier and lowers Cholesterol that’s a good thing.

The great avocado shortage of 2016

So what does this Avocado shortage 2016 mean, well higher prices of course trough supply and demand? We can estimate that paying over $2.00 per piece might be coming shortly! Estimate are now showing the imports have dropped to less than half of what is the average amount. What will this Avocado shortage 2016 mean for Mexican restaurants in the US, higher pricing on special appetizers perhaps? Well, I guessed we would e seeing more and more stuff being added to Guacamole to be used as a filler.

If you love avocados that much, you may consider moving to Mexico, because of the Avocado shortage 2016.  Not a bad plan cheap Guacamole and great Tequilla what more can one ask for. Hope the pickers make more money and the supply keeps coming, the drought in California does not help matters, but hey let’s pray for some rain in Cali to help those farmers stay in business and keep their farms alive.

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