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Holidays Lounge shares 5 Travel Tips for a Winter Cruise

Holidays Lounge shares 5 Travel Tips for a Winter Cruise

Holidays Lounge helps vacationers prepare for a winter cruise this year.

Cruises are a wonderful way to relax after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, or even as an alternate to the traditional holiday celebrations. There are a few differences when planning for a winter cruise. Holidays Lounge has a few ideas and tips to help prepare vacationers for their upcoming winter cruise.

  1. Check the weather. Most of the places visited on a winter cruise have a mild daytime temperature that can easily slide cooler as the sun goes down. Jeans are definitely the best option as well as layering shirts. Water proof jackets and an umbrella are a good idea as the weather can change quickly. .
  2. Layer for the evening. The tradition of dressing for dinner is alive and well on cruise ships. The winter version of “resort chic” lends itself to dress pants and sweaters instead of khaki pants and sundresses. Layers are a great idea for going between warm indoor dining rooms to a post-meal stroll on the cooler, outside deck.
  3. Formal wear. A good rule of thumb is to pack two formal outfits. Tuxedos and ball gowns are not as popular as a sports jacket and cocktail dress. Tights and a dressy coat are a great idea for those nights that will quickly turn cold. Men may have the option of renting a tuxedo onboard instead of packing one.
  4. Swimsuits not required. During those days at sea, swimming may not be a good option. The temperatures are likely too cold to enjoy the pool. But for those who’d like to, consider packing your own towel, a nice thick one. Many cruise guests may opt for blankets and hot chocolate while enjoying the view from the deck. Again, layers are key as the inside areas may be over heated.
  5. Celebrate onboard. For those travelling on a cruise over the holidays, there are usually some great celebrations. Holiday sailings are a great time to be a cruise passenger. The extensive decorations and special events and shows give the cruise lines a great chance to show off and it takes all the pressure of entertaining off of the guests. Consider taking two versions of your favorite holiday outfit, or wear something that will still look great with layers, as the temperature is unpredictable.

Holidays Lounge hopes you will consider a winter cruise this year. For more information on available vacations, please contact Holidays Lounge today. Visit https://www.facebook.com/HolidaysLounge/?fref=ts

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