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Holidays Lounge Explores the attractive islands of Hawaii

Holidays Lounge Explores Hawaii

Holidays Lounge invites travelers to the islands of Hawaii, host to many natural and manmade attractions.

Explore Hawaii with Holidays Lounge and see some of the favorites. Choose your island and then your adventure.  Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands and is well loved for its rain forests, golden beaches, trade winds blowing, and warm waters. This Garden Island has so much to do!

Holidays Lounge highly recommends a visit to the Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park. This area is beautiful and rich in the cultural history of Hawaii. Royalty lived here among the lavish waterfalls and freshwater rivers, they walked through the flora and fauna and had a supply of natural food sources.

The area has been preserved quite a bit, as it remains isolated and only accessible via foot or ocean vessel. Several sailing companies offer snorkel tour, dinner cruises, and ocean tours to a nearby beach. Another option is hiking the Kalalau Trail, which is 22 miles round trip. This way, Holidays Lounge vacationers can see the eco-system, natural waterfalls, and two gorgeous beaches. The full trip is at least a 3 day trip, but the first 2 miles makes for a great day trip.

Another wonderful place to visit is on the East Side, in Kapaia. Wailua Falls is a 140 foot waterfall that was featured in Fantasy Island from the 1970s. It’s easily accessible and requires no hiking to get a great shot of the falls. The rainfall in the mountains affects the size and appearance of the falls. These falls are also visible from the helicopter or airplane tours.

Holidays Lounge also suggests a trip to the Maniniholo Dry Cave on the North Shore. Just off the main road in Haena State Park the cave has a large opening that is perfect for exploring, even with children. The Waikanaloa Cave is just a big further up the road from the beach and does require a quick hike. The caves aren’t safe for swimming and the water level is affected by the tide. When the sun is just north of Haena, the cave has a blue glow from the light reflecting off the bottom of the cave.

A trip to Hawaii is an adventure of a lifetime. The team at Holidays Lounge is ready to help make this trip unforgettable. Contact Holidays Lounge today and start planning your next vacation. For more information please visit https://www.facebook.com/HolidaysLounge/

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