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Holidays Lounge Explores Hawaii Food & Wine Festival this fall

Holidays Lounge Explores Hawaii Food & Wine Festival this fall

Holidays Lounge is inviting its members who are wine enthusiasts to join them October 20-November 5, 2017 for the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival.

The seventh annual festival will be held on multiple islands, including Maui, Oahu, and Hawaii Island. It is put on by the Hawaii Ag & Culinary Alliance. Not only does it take place over multiple weekends, there will be over 100 master chefs participating in this festival. Local farmers, fishermen, and cooking demonstrators will also be featured.

The main theme of this year’s festival is “Taste Our Love for the Land” and can be shown through the way the native people cook and display their food with love and admiration. Their logo represents  “Mauka to Makai” or stretching from the mountains to the sea. There was a time when Hawaii was 100 percent sustainable but now it is down to 85. The group that puts on this festival hopes to bring it back to full sustainability.

Taking care of the environment is a definite goal of this community.

One of the major sponsors is Hawaiian Airlines and they tout the importance of this festival in bringing together the various chefs from around the islands to display their foods sharing the culture of the Hawaiian community. Holidays Lounge members are invited to try out as many dishes that you can. From sushi to various fine dishes, members will find everything under the sun in terms of food and wine.

One may not think of wine and the state of Hawaii in the same breath but as it turns out, many native people have an affinity for good wine as much as those who live on the mainland.  The festival even sells a cookbook with some of the favorite foods and wines from previous years.

There are some chefs that are earthier in their displays and others give a more refined and high-end touch.

  Some tables are set up for actual wine tastings so before Holidays Lounge members get there it is suggested they clear their palates to help distinguish between tastings. That way it is easier to determine which wines are their favorites.

Whether members prefer white or red wine, they can try either or both along the way. Wine enthusiasts learn that certain foods are better to be paired with white wines while others with red wines. It is all a matter of individual tastes more than anything that is taught.

Holidays Lounge members will also be delighted to see various musical acts to help mellow the crowd out even further. Many wine enthusiasts prefer the cool sounds of smooth jazz or other types of music in a similar genre like alternative. It goes along with the mood the food combined with wine gives you.

After the culinary magic of food and wine members of the Holidays Lounge can lay back and relax to the music and top off the day with the customary fireworks display put on by the Hawaiian Food & Wine Festival. For more information please visit https://www.facebook.com/HolidaysLounge

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