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Holidays Lounge Hosts Members Explore Hawaii

Holidays Lounge Hosts Members Explore Hawaii

Holidays Lounge is inviting its members to a mid-summer Hawaii Retreat to explore the beauty of the islands.

Members can congregate on the island of Maui to explore what it has to offer, from attractions, entertainment, and dining. If time allows, there may even be a quick boat ride to one of the other islands of the state, Waikiki, Kauai, Oahu, and the Big Island.

Nothing conjures up the visions of ultimate relaxation then a visit to Hawaii. Members will be greeted at the resort by Hula Dancers who will kindly put laias around their necks. For many years Maui has been referred to as “The Valley Isle.”  Although it is the second largest island, it is not highly populated, so this leaves lots of room for members to stroll about participating in activities and venturing into various small towns.

A trip to Hawaii is not complete without a trip to the beach for surf and sand play.

When it comes to stereotypes, just the mention of Hawaii automatically makes Holidays Lounge members think of surfing. Maui has some very high waves that are perfect for grabbing those surf boards and catching the waves. This activity can be very intoxicating and once started many find themselves spending hours attempting to stay up on the board. One interesting fact about the Maui beaches is that the sand can be found in red, black, and white colors. Most beaches are separated by the western, southern, eastern, and central side of Maui.

Kaanapali Beach is Maui’s most well known beach that is easily accessed from many hotels by walking. Wainapanapa State Park features a beach made of black sand. Holidays Lounge members will find the best bodysurfing conditions are at Hamoa Beach, also named one of  “America’s Best Beaches” in 2006. Any warnings posted about the change in water conditions should be heeded, since currents and reefs that suddenly become stronger can be extremely dangerous.

Members of Holidays Lounge will also be overwhelmed at the awesome magnificence of the humpback whales that can be viewed off the shore of Maui beaches.

Whalewatching tours that last between 2-4 hours can be taken by members who prefer a closer look by riding on cruise ships or other boats. The best spots for watching for and spotting whales is in Lahaina Harbor on the beaches of Kaanapali and west of Maalaea for frequent occurrences. This harbor is filled with whale watchers during the months between January and April, the peak of whalewatching season.

Hawaii is full of natural splendor, but Maui in particular is chock full of areas that take your breath away. Holidays Lounge members must remember to bring their cameras to capture various landmarks. There is the Haleakala National Park that has old volcanoes at the highest elevations of mountains. Hana is a small town with beautiful Pools of Oheo leading to waterfalls.

Holidays Lounge has all its ducks in a row when it comes to treating its members to a retreat to amazing Hawaii. Certainly the Hawaii island of Maui creates just the right atmosphere to relax and unwind.

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