It’s no secret that what we consume can have an effect on the body. And during the fall and winter seasons many people can easily feel dehydrated or perhaps even undernourished if not eating enough of the right foods, as well as drinking plenty of water.

But on the same token, it can be an easy time of year to overdo it on the food front as well, with sweet treats like bread or hot chocolate, as well as plenty of parties with fattening food. Here are some of the best foods to eat during the colder-weather months in order to keep off the pounds while still having some fun.

1. Veggies: For those who plan on spending the fall and winter months at many barbeques, corn is one pick that’s both tasty and doesn’t have too many calories. Avoid lathering on a ton of butter and salt, something that can defeat the purpose of this healthy snack.

2. Fruits: Tomatoes, although often traditionally thought of as a vegetable, are actually considered a fruit. This is a great choice, since one key ingredient (lycopene) just might help avoid sunburns. Watermelon is another great choice.

3. Coffee: Looking for something sweet but don’t want to sacrifice too many calories? Coffee is a great choice since this drink keeps people hydrated but also offers a sweet pick-me-up, just don’t add a lot of sugar.