Are the Health Benefits of Statins Worth It?

Recent reports in the news that show that cholesterol-reducing statins are doing better than harm within your body. Are statins healthy, has been one of the top questions posed by medical professionals for the last several years. These miracle drugs have completely changed patients’ lives that are struggling with their cholesterol and side effects.

Through this most recent study, statins efficacy is tested through trials and in depth research. After these tests had concluded, the reduction of bad cholesterol was proven, and the reduction of stroke and heart disease is present Already, this medication had put patients in a healthier state of life, by just reducing the risks of advanced disease.

The benefits of taking statins increases as the year’s pass and vascular disease continue to decrease. With the prolonged use of statins, it is shown that patients can expect a new way of life, where they no longer worry about advancing their diseases or falling into bad health.

There can be some negative things associated with taking statins, and developing diabetes mellitus, myopathy, or a stroke are the top three risks. However, the amount of people that were affected negatively was marginal compared to some patients feeling relief. There is a one percent chance that a patient will develop adverse effects after taking part in their statin therapy.

Statins have received a lot of negative attention in the last few years, prompting research on the actual health benefits of statins. Doctors stand behind prescribing this medication, but also recommend that patients make lifestyle changes to move toward healthier versions of themselves.

Many like eggs were bad for you, then red meat, statins have received a bad rap for far too long. Thanks to these new experiments and case studies, it has been shown that statins are a major part of a healthier future for the majority of cholesterol afflicted patients.

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