addictive foods

Harmful foods that are highly addictive

Chocolate seems to have the same effects of junk food. In the book “Food Seduction,” author, Dr. Neal Barnard explains that chocolate stimulates the same part of the brain that drugs. In addition, chocolate contains certain ingredients that are stimulants, such as caffeine, theobromine, which is extracted from cocoa and is also used in certain medicines-and-a phenylethylamine aromatic amine, similar to amphetamine.

Cheese: It has an ingredient in common with chocolate: phenylethylamine. Doctors Donald F. Klein and Michael Lebowitz, the New York State Psychiatric Institute, attributed phenylethylamine with love, explaining that people in love have large amounts of this component in your brain. Moreover, a study by Wellcome Laboratories found that cow’s milk, which is used to make cheese, contains morphine in small quantities and not in all cases (depending on the animal’s diet) and casein, which may cause this food addiction.

Not everyone feels the same attraction to the same dishes. Even among those who recognize that they permanently eat compulsively, there are those who prefer salty foods and sweet dishes.

However, knowing the foods that can cause addiction or binge eating can be very helpful because knowing that we find it difficult to stop, it is likely that suits us to choose alternative that does not cause us that effect.

Or do you have ever seen someone eating lettuce or tomato without stopping?

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