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Guide to Surviving COVID 19

The obvious ones:

The following items are essential for hygienic purposes. Stopping the spread of germs and bacteria is one of the best ways to combat viruses like this. Here are the obvious items you will need to buy:

Toilet paper Soap Hand Sanitizer Babywipes Disinfectant Soup Beans Corn Tuna Fish Pasta Sauces Canned fruit.

canned fish

What should I buy when the shelves are empty?

Here is where it gets tricky. When the shelves are bare, the stores aren’t getting new shipments in, and you are struggling for supplies – what do you buy? Well, here are some ideas:

Bed sheets can double as bandages in a pinch. They can be cut up and used as compression bandages very easily. Bleach, along with these sheets, can be used as a disinfectant in emergencies. Very few people will buy bleach and bed sheets when there are proper medical supplies available. So there are usually lots available.

Clothing and fabrics. The US does not produce many of its clothes. They are typically shipped over from the east, primarily Asia. What this means is that when the borders close, new clothes are going to be hard to come by—picking up some new shirts and pants now before the price increase is a good idea.

Bicarbonate of soda is another great product that few people think of. Bicarbonate of soda can sustain you when there is very little food left. It can also double as a cleaning supply. Bicarbonate boiled in a dirty pan will clean the pan, bicarbonate, and warm water can be used as it clean kitchen surfaces too.


Lastly, you also want to consider sustainability. Foods that you can make yourself with very basic ingredients. This can be done to supplement your meals or as your last resort in very dire situations. There are many different foods you should buy, pasta, rice, those kinds of basics. The food you should plan to make yourself, or instead bake, is bread. Bread is straightforward to make. You only need flour, water, salt, and yeast. You don’t need oil, or sugar, or anything else you might read about online if you mix a tablespoon of yeast in 6 cups of water—a teaspoon of salt in 12 cups of flour. Wait for 15 minutes, then combine. You have basic bread dough. Flour can be bought very cheaply, it lasts for ages, and is easy to work with. What makes bread taste good is the salt. Merely learning to adjust the levels of salt (and any other herbs you might feel like adding) can drastically improve the quality of your bread. Check out basic bread dough recipes online for yourself and give it a go. It couldn’t be easier. Hopefully, you now have a pretty good idea about what kind of items, especially food items, that you might want to buy in anticipation of an extended quarantine and food shortages.

National Pasta Day

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