Grand Solmar Timeshare’s property is in one of the most beautiful locations in all of Mexico. Members are able to enjoy gorgeous vistas and the finest accommodations, along with a variety of amenities that make them feel pampered. According to many visitors to Grand Solmar Timeshare, however, one of their favorite parts of coming here is the quality customer service. And that piece is not possible without the hard work and dedication of the local staff.

Grand Solmar Timeshare recognizes that not everyone in Los Cabos or the surrounding area has the ability to find work or the skill sets needed for a higher paying job. That is why, through their charity The Solmar Foundation, Grand Solmar Timeshare has developed a new program that works with public agencies to teach individuals valuable skills in order to find employment.

As Los Cabos grows, due in large part to the immigration of families from mainland Mexico, the number of unemployed people increases. Grand Solmar Timeshare realizes these people are hoping for a better future that may never materialize if they don’t receive help. And that is where The Solmar Foundation comes in.

The Solmar Foundation works hard to help supply critical social services that are not covered by the government. Just as with the new job skills program, the foundation also works with other public agencies and non-government organizations. Grand Solmar Timeshare believes that by working together, they can combine resources and direct assistance to the areas where it will do the most good. The focus of The Solmar Foundation is on education and helping both children and working-age adults develop marketable skills. Grand Solmar Timeshare says their charity also helps provide medical and mental health assistance when needed.

People interested in donating to The Solmar Foundation may visit

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