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Grand Solmar Members Have a Bounty of Valentine’s Day Dining Options

Grand Solmar Members Have a Bounty of Valentine’s Day Dining Options

Enjoy fine dining during Romantic trips to Cabo with recommendations at Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort and Spa.

Valentine’s Day is one of the most magical days of the years for couples, and each year many of these couples seek the most romantic ways to celebrate their love. One of the best ways to find romance is to plan time away in exotic and enchanting locales. Romantic getaways allow couples to create shared memories, to spend time alone in luxurious accommodations, and to bond as they explore their chosen destinations. Cabo San Lucas is a destination perfect for romantic trips like these, and a major reason so many couples choose to become Grand Solmar timeshare members in the first place. Those who do decide to spend their romantic Valentine’s Day vacations in Cabo can also rest assured that their candle lit dinners will be spectacular because Grand Solmar Land’s End has no shortage of locales to satisfy each member’s wishes!

Grand Solmar Land’s End believes that making a good vacation into a great vacation requires attention to the finer details. True culinary experiences can help to make an evening romantic and extra special. At Grand Solmar the theme nights are very unique in that true gastronomic experiences can be enjoyed. Fans of Mexican cuisine will be enamored with the experience at the Mexican night and this is a great option for those looking to experience wonderful food ambiance and a very relaxed and inviting environment. Puerto San Lucas is also an excellent choice offering sweeping views of the marina and the bay of Cabo San Lucas. Grand Solmar Timeshare members can treat themselves to a romantic dinner and enjoy fabulous cuisine to cap off an excellent Valentines Day evening.

For those who don’t want to venture far at all, you can find a romantic spot just a few steps away from your suite. One of these options is La Roca, a warm and inviting dining space offering local flavors and fresh ingredients, including locally caught seafood, which is a specialty of the restaurant. Don Luis is also a wonderful choice for romantic dining within the resort. This restaurant offers a more intimate setting, perfect for couples since the restaurant overlooks the stunning ocean scenery. Here the menu includes lobster, steaks, and Mediterranean dishes prepared with local ingredients. With many other options for drinking and dining at the resort, a romantic evening alone is easy for couples to achieve while they are on vacation with Grand Solmar.

To take advantage of the relentless beauty and spectacular romance available in Cabo San Lucas this Valentine’s Day, or any time of year, depend on the opportunities available exclusively with Grand Solmar. At Grand Solmar, travelers can experience all of the romantic features of the resort, including relaxing spa services, poolside beauty, dining experiences, and luxurious suites. To learn more about taking advantage of all these features for an upcoming couples retreat please visit http://www.grandsolmarresort.com

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