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GlobeQuest Travel Club Invites Guests to Thrilling Carnival Celebrations in St. Maarten

GlobeQuest Travel Club Invites Guests to Thrilling Carnival Celebrations in St. Maarten

Travelers can gear up now to take advantage of celebrations in St. Maarten with help from GlobeQuest Travel Club.

With a new year well underway, now is the best time for avid travelers to take advantage of every opportunity that they have to experience the world’s wonders. Travel is an enriching experience, and it can also teach individuals so much as they are exposure to new cultures, histories, and adventures. GlobeQuest Travel Club has always made it a mission to help travelers experience all of the remarkable benefits of travel and does this by putting jet setters in touch with the most extraordinary destinations. The travel experts also want to help individuals by recommending the most enriching activities, experiences, and adventures in these destinations.

Right now, the world’s most exciting destinations are gearing up for the biggest celebrations of the year. The late winter and early spring months mark the oncoming of Carnival celebrations for many paradise locales. Several of the most thrilling Carnival celebrations are found in the Caribbean and of these one of the biggest Carnival parties is found in St. Maarten. While the official start of the St. Maarten Carnival is still a few weeks away, with the official dates of the celebration running from the 17th of April to the 3rd of May, there are an array of displays, events, and attractions that are going to be popping up around the destination as soon as March. With this array of excitement being offered, GlobeQuest Travel Club wants travelers to be able to enjoy every moment of a vacation spent in St. Maarten during or even before Carnival.

Among the pre-Carnival activities in St. Maarten are the Jr. Carnival Queen Pageant on March 26th, the Causeway Jump Up and the Around Ton Jump Up on the 18th and 24th of March respectively, the Band Clash and Roadmarch Competition on the 8th of April, and the Road to Carnival party series. In addition to these events, the weeks leading up to Carnival in St. Maarten will be full of stunning parades including the Rio Productions Lighted Parade on the 1st of April, the Survivors Balloon Parade on the 2nd of April, and the Junior Carnival Parade on the 9th of April. These events will all be delightful chances to gear up for the even greater celebrations that will follow. Once the official start of Carnival hits in St. Maarten, guests will be able to look forward to events like the Youth Extravaganza, a Culture Night, the Carnival Crossover DJ Competition, the a seemingly endless schedule of pageants, parades, and concerts.

Carnival in St. Maarten is certain to give its attendees the excitement that they are seeking during travel this year. Now is the perfect time to start planning a trip with GlobeQuest Travel Club that will allow anyone to take advantage of these fantastic Caribbean activities. GlobeQuest Travel Club will ensure that its travelers are able to enjoy stellar accommodations and feel perfect comfort when they choose one of the fantastic Caribbean destinations. To learn more about the St. Maarten Carnival click here and to start planning a St. Maarten visit go to

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