Game of Thrones Season Finale Spoilers (4)

Game of Thrones Season Finale Spoilers

The Demise of Cersei

Going with the previous probable outcome, Cersei’s demise is closer than expected. All through the series, she is depicted as that lovable villain. She is one of those bright antagonists you see in movies which make us love them more than the heroes themselves. She triumphs over almost all her enemies and earns the title (fan made) the mad queen.’

However, it is notable that family is her greatest weakness. She desperately protects her children in vain, and we can see how she is devastated each time one dies. Jamie and her unborn child are the only ones living and capable of making her vulnerable.

Her downfall may occur in two possible ways. If and when Jamie betrays her, she will be enraged and end up making very rash and foolish decisions. This will be a perfect opportunity for the Starks and specifically Sansa to avenge their father’s head. She was taught by Cersei, and she knows her moves very well. She will probably see that she is slipping and would not hesitate to go in for the kill.

This is the second theory, Cersei may recover from her betrayal. She will be able to give birth to another child. However, if the witches’ prophecy at the beginning of season 5 still holds, that child will surely die. Karma might also give her an imp who she will never come to accept as a child. This will make Cersei finally snap and go crazy. She will become the mad queen.’

What is dead may never die.

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Syrio Forel was a favorite character at the beginning of the series. We all loved his prowess with the sword. It would take more than a Meryn Trant to have him dead. He was almost the best swordsman in Kings Landing. We are made to think that he died as the camera pans away from the room he was in with Ser Meryn. We can expect something from the first sword of Braavos as he returns in the coming final season.

Benjen Stark

Benjen might have survived the attack by the army of the undead. We all know that he had previously died and was brought back to life by the children of the forest. Many will argue that his role was over after he saved his nephew.

However, it won’t be wrong to expect more from him in the battle against the white walkers. He might return. Apart from Bran, the three-eyed raven, he is the only one living who knows much about the White Walkers.

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