Game of Thrones Final Season Anticipation and Expectations 2019 (1)

Game of Thrones Final Season Anticipation and Expectations 2019

Game of Thrones Final Season anticipation and expectations

The book that came out in 1996 by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss was a hit in every page you read and every season you watch. After the seventh episode that was telecasted by HBO on July 16th in 2017 fans have been disappointedly told to wait for the GOT final season to be released in 2019. Well, that’s a long wait now. After gathering over 16 million people to watch the seasons over the years, the final Sunday episode had a record of 10.1 million viewers. That is a large number to boast about.

HBO is known to take on serials to cast it on air calling them HBO originals, but Game of Thrones was one wise decision that has made the company stance elevated among its peers and one of the best-known television channels to reckon with in the world.

So what happened in the last season that has kept us hanging to know what is coming our way for the ultimate HBO Game of Thrones Final Season?

Well, there were these three grand battles that took place. A must watch during the season if you can get your hands on it again. The first one is the battle at sea where the goth pirate raids the Ironfleet that is controlled by the Daenery’s. In this battle, Yara and Ellaria are kidnapped been told by Cersei.

However much to his luck Theon Flees. The second battle is that when the soldier’s siege Casterly Rock but they have been fooled as the Lannisters abandon it to take on Highgarden. Here when Jamie Lannister kills Olenna, he is affirmed that she had killed Joffrey.

Game of Thrones Final Season Anticipation and Expectations 2019 (3)

Now the Daenerys are furious seeking revenge on Lannisters. Danny tries to save the day while Jaime falls into a death trap, but hey, he does not die. So, we are going to see him in the last episode too. White Walkers attack at the North of the Wall. Jon Snow does his best to fight them off only with the help of Daenerys save him.

Sword-wielding heroes buckle up all over the seventh season to bring you juicy drama in every episode. Alas, it was only for seven episodes, unlike the first six seasons that kept you glued to the screen for the entire ten episodes. Fans are going to be let down further as the final season is said to have only six episodes. That means it’s going to be over quickly. So, if you are not a re-run fan then get your ass and plonk it over the couch for and watch the exalting drama of the century.

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In this season the writers, cast, crew, and directors are going to take the final bow. In fact, during the filming of the 8th season when the final word End of Game of Thrones was mentioned, some of the cast broke down into tears. A standing ovation was given to everyone on the sets. It was indeed an emotional scene.

That one throne that everyone is seeking remains to be filled. Can you trust your alliance or are you going to die of betrayal? Will Cersei be able to rise above the rest for the good of the throne or will succumb to the lords that would drink blood to achieve tranquility. The stakes are rising higher; you either have a winning sword or severed neck there is no middle ground. So, stay put to know what is in store for the dragons, the princess and that rugged, stark iron throne.

Game of Thrones will be missed and will always be remembered as the series that rose the bar in filmmaking.

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