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FX Network Provides Viewers Top-rated Shows based on Reality

Best Binge Watching FX Network

For original content, ‘Sons of Anarchy’ was a huge hit for the FX network years ago. The show centered around a ruthless motorcycle gang in a small California town that did everything from drug-running, kidnapping, gun running, and homicide. Working with and eluding local, state and federal authorities were a constant part of the show’s theme. The violent scenes included in the show were meant to mirror to the truth of these types of people’s lives and included a brutal jail cell beating, mass drive-by shootings, and other dangerous events. ‘Sons of Anarchy’ was a significant rating winner and a huge commercial success for the cable channel.

Before ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ FX Network made the groundbreaking move to create a show about corrupt cops. ‘The Shield’ took a straightforward approach yet on a humanistic level to show the daily struggles that police officers in major urban areas have to handle. The compromises with known criminals, the politicizing of departmental policies and the aftermath of how their personal lives were affected. It is easy to see the excellence in every aspect of this production because when the police are suddenly discovered to be part of the ‘bad guys,’ the audience is still rooting for them. ‘The Shield’ was the first series FX based on an inconvenient truth in America that turned out to be both a critical and economic success because its theme mirrored the current perceived reality of its viewers.

Fast forward to today’s top show, and current fan favorite on the FX line-up is ‘The Americans.’ Currently, in its final season, the show is premised on two Russian spies who were placed in America years before and had assimilated enough to have children in school, their own travel business and appear to be regular neighbors in an above average neighborhood just outside of D.C. In the early years of the show, most of the suspense was created around the espionage acts they were requested to complete while maintaining the personas of regular parents living in suburbia. However, as the show has continued, more graphic violence has been added, but it is still keeping to the realities of the period. It was the Cold War, and these types of maneuvers by operatives on both sides did occur.


Understand that viewers of these programs are given warnings of the graphic content and violence to come before each show and at each commercial break. The trend that FX has hit upon maybe uncomfortable truths for some, but they are still well-known facts. These shows are proven to be winners as far as ratings, and commercial success from advertising goes, so it is clear that FX has a clear understanding of what American audiences now find entertaining.

The next upcoming series by FX Network will be called the Mayans MC a spin-off from SOA. Highly recommend watching all of SOA first, so you have the background of the new Mayans MC, starring the great Edward James Olmos and JD Pardo. This will undoubtedly be another FX colossal success. We at Totes Newsworthy highly recommend FX network. These are great for binge-watchers out there, check out The Shield. #bestshowever

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