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What Kind of Food Can Harm My Dog?

TotesNewsworthy shares Harmful foods that can affect Dogs.

Our little furry babies are special to us, and we all like to give them treats or table scraps. The truth is some of the treats that come from China are very bad we would go as far as harmfull, may even kill your furry friend. So here are some suggestions that will help you not only keep your dog healthy but keep there weight down. Remember that moderation is the key. Some fruits are high in sugar, and they can eat as much as us. So portion control. TotesNewsworthy urges you to use these suggestions as a treat, not meals. Instead of buying Chinese poison treats, which some are! Make no mistake about it!

Try this instead, and remember treat size. Not meal size.

Do you share everything you eat with your dog? This is very cute but certainly but can be dangerous if you do not know what type of food is terrible for your furry friend, so we share this guide with you:


Dogs can consume this fruit, be sure to remove all the seeds because they can lead to digestion problems. One small quarter portion into little pieces.


It is delicious and healthy for you but keeps it away because your puppy will throw up.


Your dog can eat bananas; this fruit is delicious, healthy, and high in potassium. Again little pieces, not a whole Banana


Definitely Not! WARNING!!

Although they are very beneficial for your health, they are not for your dog; its consumption can cause the production of high amounts of cyanide.


Grapes: WARNING!!

This fruit should be kept away from your furry family; consumption affects the kidneys, so better to keep them away from your pet.

Raisins made of dark grapes. Shadow raisins.

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