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fruits that your dog can eat

Fruits you can and can’t share with your dog

Do you share everything you eat with your dog? This is very cute certainly, but can be dangerous if you do not know what type of food is bad for your friend, so we share this guide with you:


Dogs can consume this fruit, just be sure to remove all the seeds because they can lead to digestion problems.


It is delicious and healthy for you, but keep it away because your puppy will throw up.


Your dog can eat all the bananas you want, this fruit is delicious, healthy and high in potassium.


Definitely not! Although they are very beneficial for your health, they are not for your dog, its consumption can cause the production of high amounts of cyanide.


This fruit should be kept away from your puppy, consumption affect the kidneys, so better to keep them away from your pet.


Dogs can eat this delicious fruit, and we’re are sure they will love it.


Can you imagine your dog making gestures? So funny! You can share a bit of lemon juice with him.


Share with your dog some delicious peaches, be sure to remove the seed as with apples.


Your pet will enjoy the tropical flavor of this fruit, you can share it for sure.


Generally known to be beneficial for your body, but in your dog they can cause kidney disease. Avoid them.


Great to cool on a sunny day. If you want to share some with your dog, no problem, just be sure to remove the shell, because it can cause intestinal obstructions.

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