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Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce Welcomes New February Members

Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce has been so helpful during these difficult times in supporting all businesses in the town. With so many things happening, this Chamber still pushes forward and looks for ways and means to help the town further itself, and community.

The Chamber President Betsy Lavoie is always looking for new ways to make FH the place to be.


Join us recruit membership concept


These are new members that have joined the tight-knit family of the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce this past February 2020.

They are now part of a group dedicated to making FH the most beautiful community in Arizona. They do appreciate all the support the people of Fountain Hills, have given during these times as they move forward and look forward to clearer skies and bright futures for all.

Oyo Frozen Yogurt

Oyo Frozen Yogurt






Some of the best-frozen Yogurt ever, right by the Fountain. Located by the Plaza Fountainside
12645 N Saguaro Blvd, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268
(602) 910-0329


Hilltop Vista Properties

Luxury developers of exceptional properties.
17470 N. Pacesetter Way Scottsdale AZ 85255
(602) 421-5848








Hownd brings you more customers! Hownd has no subscription fee, no upfront costs, and no contracts!
We are truly a risk-free foot traffic generation platform, and you only pay when we bring customers to your door who are ready to buy! Sit back and relax while we distribute your offers across multiple platforms.
(877) 394-2410


Akston Coffee Company


Akston company






Akston provides the highest quality of fresh, locally roasted coffee in Fountain Hills, Arizona.
(480) 688-8463


BoGo Promotions, Inc.

BoGo Promotions, Inc.






Offering your business logo on imprinted items from shirts to coffee mugs. BoGo will get your brand seen. Since 1986


Fountain Hills Medical Center

Fountain Hills Medical Center






Fountain Hills Medical Center is a physician-owned hospital offering a variety of services, including an emergency room, imaging center with CT, MRI, X-ray, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, laboratory, pharmacy, and in-patient beds. This fully accredited hospital that will serve children and adults includes in-patient and primary care. The Hospital will accept all insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce thanks all these new members and would like to wish them a bright future in Fountain Hills.
The town is one of the most beautiful in Arizona. So if you have never been there when nearby it is worth the visit. With regular events always happening, FH is a fun place to be. Take a stroll around the fountain and visit all the shops on the Avenue of the Fountains and so many others. This town is both charming and beautiful with incredible scenic desert vistas.

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