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7 foods that can be consumed after expired

food and expiration date

Did you know that there are a number of foods that can be consumed even when expired? Of course this is not ideal, but knowing this information may be able to get you out of trouble once in life. We share 7 foods that can be consumed even when expired. …

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Properties and benefits of Papaya

benefits of papaya

Papaya is a very tasty and nutritious tropical fruit but also has interesting medicinal qualities. Flowers, leaves, seeds and pulp of the fruit are the parts that have active ingredients and therefore it can be used for medicinal purposes. Papaya has astringent, digestive, antioxidant, healing, laxative, analgesic, antiseptic, diuretic, and …

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Delicious Meatless Burger Recipe

Lentils burger recipe

Yes, you read well, these are meatless burgers! So if you’re looking for new healthy eating options, this recipe for veggie burgers will be your best ally. Best of all is that the ingredients are easy to find, so no excuses to eat healthy today. Ingredients -1 cup dried lentils …

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Is it healthy to consume chia seeds?

benefits of chia

An excellent snack for this afternoon is a glass of fresh lemonade with chia. But is it really healthy? Let’s see… Chia offers a large supply of essential fatty acids, these small seeds should be considered as excellent food integrators because of its rich nutritional components. Chia seeds represent the …

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Benefits and properties of jicama

Raw Organic Brown Jicama in a Basket

During the hottest season of the year is always good to seek fresh options to include in our menu and in this sense jicama is excellent. This leguminous plant from Mexico and is also found in some Central American countries. It was later introduced to the Philippines by the Spaniards and …

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5 Benefits of drinking celery tea

Celery sticks with dip

Celery tea is not a common drink, however, it has many benefits we will share below: 1. Nutritious: Celery is rich in vitamins B1, B2 and B16 and also various salts such as phosphorus, sodium, silicon, magnesium, zinc and potassium. A serving provides 3% of the recommended daily value of …

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5 foods you should never freeze

Frozen berries and vegetables

Times are no longer the same as before, and there are times when we have no chance to go to the supermarket whenever required, and turn to freeze certain foods to have on hand at any time, but we have to be careful about what we want to freeze as …

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Massive recall of frozen fruits & veggies expands after Listeria outbreak

Frozen vegetables and fruits outbreak

A food-packaging company in Washington state has expanded a voluntary recall to encompass nearly 360 different organic and non-organic frozen fruits and vegetables that may be contaminated with the deadly Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. On Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced the outbreak, which has hospitalized eight people across …

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IHOP: Kids eat free with adult purchase through May 6!

Ihop Restaurant

From now through May 6, each child 12 or younger can receive one free kids’ entrée with each adult entrée purchase. Kids may select from the IHOP restaurants’ Just for Kids menu. Drinks are not included in this promotion and this dine-in only promotion is not valid with any other discounts or coupons. …

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