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First Choice Travel Takes Travelers on a Tour of French Polynesia

First Choice Travel Takes Travelers on a Tour of French Polynesia

First Choice Travel, a trusted leader in the travel industry, brings eager vacationers to the stunningly gorgeous islands of French Polynesia.

 These islands in the South Pacific offer travelers a rare opportunity to witness the untouched beauty of nature, while still enjoying all the modern amenities of travel. It’s an opportunity that should not be passed up.

Of course the most famous destination in French Polynesia is the island of Tahiti, and as First Choice Travel notes, deservedly so. The largest island in the area, Tahiti is world renowned for its stunning tropical beauty and unique white- and black-sand beaches. For travelers headed to Tahiti there are many attractions and points of interest to see.

First Choice Travel recommends spending a day at Point Venus, a spectacular black sand beach on the northern end of the island.

The historic landing spot of such famous explores as Captain Cook and Captain Bligh, at Point Venus volcanic ash mixes with the sand to give it its signature dark hue, providing beach goers with a truly unique experience.

And while they’re their beach goers should make sure to check out the Point Venus Lighthouse. This colonial style lighthouse, originally built in 1868, and still active today, is a charming slice of history. First Choice Travel also recommends visitors to Tahiti take the time to go see the Cascades de Faatumai, also near Tahiti’s north coast. This series of three spectacular waterfalls surrounded by verdant rainforest is an awesome sight to behold, and well worth spending a day exploring.

First Choice Travel also highly recommends travelers to French Polynesia visit the island of Moorea, just west of Tahiti.

Famous for its jagged mountain peaks rising out of the tropical forests, and the crystal clear waters of its bays, catching sight of Moorea for the first time is like catching a glimpse of the distant past. The pristine natural beauty of the island can almost feel unreal. Arthur Frommer of the famous Frommer’s travel guide once called Moorea the most beautiful island in the world, and First Choice Travel tends to agree with that statement.

Heading north from Moorea travelers will find the island of Bora Bora, another tropical paradise recommended by First Choice Travel.

Surrounded by a stunning turquoise lagoon, the waters of which are contained by an awe-inspiring barrier reef, Bora Bora gives Moorea a run for its money in the world’s most beautiful island rankings.

Towering over the island is the iconic Mount Otemanu, and First Choice Travel encourages visitors to take one of the guided tours to this legendary dormant volcano. And of course vacationers on Bora Bora will want to explore the pristine waters of the lagoon. Whether it be a snorkeling or diving excursion, a fishing trip or pleasure cruise, or even parasailing high above the calm surface, travelers have their choice of activities on the lagoon.

Once visited, the islands of French Polynesia will never be forgotten. First Choice Travel urges vacationers to take the opportunity to make lasting and cherished memories by exploring these tropical paradises. For more information please visit