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Fielding Charities Salutes National Military Family Association

National Military Family Association is a charity that gives back to military members and their dependents, according to Fielding Charities.

 Los Angeles, May 23rd, 2016 – Known for giving back to our country’s military families, Fielding Charities pauses to share what the National Military Family Association offers.  This organization is a bright light to many of those who serve.

Founded in 1969 by a small group of military wives, the National Military Family Association was initially established to help widows of servicemen.  Several decades later this charity is now providing support to military members, their spouses and family members.  Fielding Charities notes that folks involved with this organization work hard to assist those in need and their knowledge of this way of life makes them more adept in this field.

Many types of assistance are offered to those affiliated with the U.S. Armed Services.  The National Military Family Association is a wealth of information and resources that include help with adoption, deployment, family members with special needs, healthcare, marital enrichment, retirement and divorce.  Spouses may be eligible to receive assistance with career support, loan repayments and scholarships.  Children of service members can receive support during deployments, educational benefits and even summer camp.  Getaways may also be offered for both families and those needing time to heal.

The good state of this nonprofit’s financials is one of the reasons this organization gets a nod from Fielding Charities.  The National Military Family Association follows all 20 of the Better Business Bureau’s charity accountability standards.  Potential donors can view reports, statements and tax information on the financials page at MilitaryFamily.org.

Anyone seeking to make a difference through this association can do so in a variety of ways, reports Fielding Charities.  Make a monetary donation or become a member.  Become an advocate for military families by promoting better healthcare, higher pay, more education and more.  Volunteer skills and time on an ongoing basis and celebrate military milestones.

Founder of Fielding Charities, Brian Fielding, understands the importance of researching charities before donating.  This commercial real estate expert is committed to providing a platform where visitors can learn more about charitable organizations.  Associations like the National Military Family Association are invited to share their mission statements on FieldingCharities.com so others can learn more.

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