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Fielding Charities Calls on Donors to Help Arizonan Children and Families

A very worthy charity being highlighted by Fielding Charities; The New Foundation.

The New Foundation, which provides behavioral health and education services for Arizonan children, is currently renovating their 40-year-old residential dorms. As a 501(c) non-profit organization, the organization had to take out loans for the construction work, and that is why Fielding Charities is putting out the call for donors and volunteers. The total cost of the renovations will run close to $1 million. Four residential dorm buildings will be stripped down to the studs and completely remodeled for better safety and supervision. The floor plans allow staff members to better see what is going on throughout the dorms, as well as give the residents privacy where necessary.
The New Foundation is especially deserving, because of their long history of helping not just children, but entire families in overcoming all of the challenges associated with neglect, abuse, mental illness and addiction. Their continued work helps children and families in all levels of economic strata and at all levels of care.
Helping organizations like this is important not just for Arizona, but for youth around the country. When children get the tools they need to overcome family histories of substance abuse and emotional issues, they can become beacons of hope for their peers who are in similar situations.
Brian Fielding is a commercial real estate industry veteran. His organization, Fielding Charities, helps charitable organizations around the world through direct aid as well as advocating for them on various online platforms, including www.brianfieldingcharities.com. The website was established as a hub for various charities to share their events, stories and calls to action in one online location. While financially supporting each charity every day would be wonderful, it is generally not feasible. What is possible, however, is informing the masses that these charities are out there and creating conversation about their efforts. This will in turn create recognition so that when people are able to give, they will know there are more than one or two charities out there that need their money. To learn more, visit www.brianfieldingcharities.com.

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