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Creating a memory, with Sign With Love

Creating a memory, with Sign With Love

Looking to create a memory that can be used over and over again, and keep its value? Well then, this may be the perfect gift for you or a loved one. Everyone knows a person who has broken a bone and had to wear a cast on the broken limb. …

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Immortalize Your Memories With Legacy Maxx

Immortalize Your Memories With Legacy Maxx - Digital Heirlooms

As we grow older we begin to realize just how important sharing family traditions, history, and culture are. We begin to hang on every word spoken by our parents or our grandparents, eager to learn more about the lives that they have led and to discover information about our family …

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7 reasons to end a relationship

reasons to end a relationship

Although we know that no couple can have assurances that their relationship is going to work, we all want it to last forever. However, break up with someone it is not a failure or a shame, and it does not say anything about you or your worth as a person. …

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The Advantages of a ‘Destination Wedding’ in the Riviera Maya

destination wedding in the riviera maya

There are plenty of wedding planners out there trying to help couples with the planning of the destination wedding of their dreams, so its expert team has taken the time to share the following tips. The simple fact of organizing a wedding is a lot of work. Now imagine carrying …

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Finding Relaxation on a Women’s Retreat

Cathedral Mountain Red Rocks in Sedona AZ

A women’s retreat does not need to be an unpleasant and uncomfortable situation. Unwinding and relaxation can also be accomplished just by joining in events and activities which are capable of restoring your body. It is frequently said the body is a dwelling for both the mind and soul. When …

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4 foods that babies should NOT eat

foods babies shouldn't eat

Feeding in infants is very important because it sets the tone for the start of its development. Food is essential for children’s growing especially when they are babies, so you should be very careful with the food you give them during their early years, therefore they are essential, but some …

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4 Ideas To Celebrate National Best Friends Day 2016 With Your BFF

national best friends day

Yesterday, June 8, was National Best Friends Day! This is a celebration of those friends for life, the type of friends that know your favorite pizza toppings, all of your most embarrassing secrets, etc. So if you didn’t have a chance to celebrate yet, we want to share some ideas …

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Jacques Pépin Gives The Greatest Advice Ever

Jacques Pepin and His Beautiful Wife

Jacques Pépin has been cooking for over six decades.  He has had the pleasure of working side by side with legends, including the late great Julia Childs.  His cooking show on PBS, Heart and Soul with Jacques Pépin, has been one of the most popular shows on the network.  Jacques …

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Young Ridge Winery Launches Send Me On Vacation Wine Club To Send Survivors On Healing Vacations After Cancer

breast cancer survivors

Join The Young Ridge Wine Club And Crush Out The Effects Of Cancer! Sip on a Cabernet that has you feeling as if you were on vacation at the first taste, and know that with each bottle of wine purchased through the Young Ridge Wine Club, you are raising funds …

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