For fall travelers, Tripps Travel Network has a fresh list for this year concerning what kinds of clothing to pack for a cool-weather trip and some additional general guidelines about how to pack efficiently for any trip.

  •     Tripps Travel Network has some clothing tips that can save travelers time and trouble. The travel club suggests that when the weather turns cool, it is smartest to pack dark-colored clothing items rather than light-colored ones. What seems like an insignificant detail can pay handsome dividends. Darker colors also don’t look dirty after just one wearing.
  •     More importantly, those who limit their trip clothing to just two or three dark colors have an easier time finding tops and bottoms that match.
  •     Small things mean a lot on trips, which is why Tripps Travel Network also advises those in transit to avoid bulky coats and jackets in favor or lightweight layers. Layered clothing not only warms the body more efficiently, but saves space in suitcases and backpacks.
  •     For those who want to bring along a specialty travel book, they should remember to photocopy only the pages needed and leave the bulky book at home. There’s no reason to pack a five-pound tome when just a dozen or so pages are needed. Tripps Travel Network recommends culling through potential luggage carefully and only packing the essential items.
  •     Rolling shirts, sweaters and pants is a good way to keep them wrinkle-free during a trip. And for a simple, inexpensive way to keep packed clothing smelling fresh, Tripps Travel Network suggests placing one or two dryer sheets in each piece of luggage.
  •     There is no “one-size-fits-all” list of the best clothing to pack for a fall trip, but Tripps Travel Network experts say that 90 percent of fall tourists should consider the following as a minimum clothing ration when packing: one pair of jeans, one or two long- and short-sleeve t-shirts, a couple of more formal dress shirts, one pair of pajamas or sweats, a fleece jacket, two pairs of lightweight pants, one sweatshirt, one windbreaker, a half-dozen pairs of underwear and socks, at least one pair of good walking or hiking shoes or boots, and (for women) two bras.

There is no universal list of what or how to pack for a fall trip, but Tripps Travel Network offers the above recommendations as general guidelines for cold-weather U.S. travel in the 2015/16 season.

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