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Epsilon Electronics: Business Monopolies

If Epsilon Electronics were involved in a business monopoly just imagine how many products they’d have to manufacture in order to remain this monopoly. Unfortunately for Epsilon Electronics, they aren’t considered a business monopoly due to the fact that they are only located in Los Angeles, California. If Epsilon Electronics had a franchise in other countries and other states, it would be much easier for them to be a monopoly. A monopoly in business is the market condition in which there is only one seller of a certain commodity and by virtue of the long-run control over supply where the seller is able to have total control over prices. When it comes to pure monopoly, the single seller will usually restrict supply to the point on which supply-demand schedule can maximize profit.

For a company like Epsilon Electronics what can occur is a natural monopoly where the customers and the public actually believe that the company can succeed in the electronics field and become a monopoly in that industry. The conditions of the market make unified control necessary or desirable to the public interest. There are also public service monopolies by laws excluding competition from an industry. It is very rare that companies privately controlled monopolies without the state support. This isn’t something that can happen frequently due to different laws and people need to be aware of the services or products.

Epsilon Electronics is content with the way that their customers position their company and see it growing in the near future to be a potential monopoly. This is something that can take several years to accomplish but Epsilon Electronics can look forward to growing their business by first making the company a franchise and then seeing where it can go from there. Nowadays, a company’s success is all based on the public and what they see the Epsilon Electronics future as.

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