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Effective Ways To Manage Your Dog’s Anxiety

Effective ways to manage your dog’s anxiety. Dogs are amazing, capable creatures. They can be worker animals who help rescue people caught in fires or find weapons in airports, or they can work as service animals, monitoring people’s health conditions. They can help with people’s anxiety, but also experience their own anxiety.

Here are some effective ways to manage your dog’s anxiety.

Exercise Them

Your dog may be anxious because they have pent-up energy and they don’t know where to let it out. Even separation anxiety connects to the fact that dogs have too much energy, displacing it into feeling stressed that their owner is gone. You can calm your dogs down and get rid of this excess energy by exercising them regularly. Exercise is beneficial for dogs because it releases endorphins. If your dog gets into a stressful situation after sufficient exercise, it won’t have the energy to stress itself out.

Effective Ways To Manage Your Dog’s Anxiety (2)

Effective Ways To Manage Your Dog’s Anxiety

Use Blue Colors

Humans have long understood the relationship between emotion and color. Paintings containing red and other bright colors convey intense moments of anger, rage, and frustration, while more calming colors like blue create idyllic and non-threatening landscapes. While animals like dogs and cats do not have the same color capabilities as people, they can still recognize and feel the effects of some colors. For example, dogs can recognize blue, so use this color in your home to better manage their anxiety. Blue furniture, food dishes, toys, and even blankets will reduce their stress.

Give Them a Massage

Massages are great luxuries we enjoy, as they relax muscles and work out stored tension. They are fantastic anxiety relievers and can also help dogs work out their own stressors. Like us, dogs hold a lot of anxiety and stress in their muscles, and they don’t have sufficient ways to relieve it. Dogs will occasionally stretch, but then they will return to another position, which might not be good for reducing stress. Massaging your dog can help them get rid of some stress and get back to living playful and anxiety-free!

Effective Ways To Manage Your Dog’s Anxiety 3

Effective Ways To Manage Your Dog’s Anxiety

Pay Attention to Them

Another great way to manage your dog’s anxiety is to watch them and try to understand what causes stress in the first place. For many dogs, this can be separation anxiety and strangers coming in and out of the home, but it could be something much more straightforward for others. For example, dogs are incredibly sensitive to smells, and a foul odor in the kitchen or a lit candle could cause undue stress.

Cute white Labrador retriever

Effective Ways To Manage Your Dog’s Anxiety

In addition to smells, dogs are also highly sensitive to sounds. A lot of dog owners struggle when they live in and around busy areas, as their dogs are constantly alerted by cars, people, or even other dogs walking and making noise near your home. Monitor these sounds so you can find what makes your dog anxious. Then, cut that out of your home, or invest in anxiety-reducing blankets or noise-proofing for your home.

Effective Ways To Manage Your Dog’s Anxiety

Your dog’s anxiety can affect your entire family, but thankfully with these effective management strategies, you can turn it into an issue of the past. Give your pet some much-needed attention and help them avoid sources of anxiety.

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