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Eating is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art

Foods have different effects on our body, among which produce feelings such as: pleasure, satiety and create a state of relaxation, this in turn gives us a good mood during the day; here lies the importance of eating properly.

Eating is a basic and important role in the life of any living being, because our life depends on it. Eating, stimulates the release of beta-endorphins, which are those that improve our mood. However, the fact that a meal we find it attractive is not only related to its organoleptic properties (smell, texture, visual appearance), it also depends on how hungry you are, your previous experience with the food and the social circumstances in which it is consumed. In other words, what makes us feel good is to eat the right kind of food, at the right time and in the appropriate company.

When it comes to eating to improve mood, offering food should not scandalize the body, this means that it doesn’t have to create displeasure or discomfort; but to help the body to be balanced all day. Stay away from highly processed foods, their effects are important on health, as well as for the mood, this is because such foods are not metabolized or used properly because they do not provide the necessary nutrients for proper operation and maintenance of the body; this, in turn, leads to a poor health and lack of mental wellbeing.

Choose well!

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