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E-LOGBOOK Trucking Software Leads the Pack

Learn More About the ELD Mandate

What is an ELD mandate:

If you are a commercial truck or bus driver and currently required to maintain records of duty status and hours of operation (HOS), you are now mandated to adopt this logging method electronically. This rule applies to commercial buses as well as trucks, and to Canada- and Mexico-domiciled drivers.

This commonly called E-LOG book trucking software

This is done by a combination of an Electronic logging device (ELD) physically connected to your vehicle and software that is coupled to the device physically or wireless.

The wireless connection to the device seems to be the most preferred method of communication between the ELD and software. However, it can have it’s a negative aspect as well such as connection problems and interruption when used Bluetooth.

However, the lost data is patched eventually when connected back

So the most reliable method that E-LOGBOOK has adopted in using a cellular connection.This is done by a cellular module built into the ELD where it constantly keeps sending the data through the mobile network and saved in our cloud servers.

Which means, data is accurate and available until the last minute in the event of any physical damage or fire to the device whereas an inboard device may be destroyed in the same situation.

Most of our devices even have a battery built in to keep the transmission constant in the event where the vehicle’s power system fails or interrupted.

The ultimate purpose of this mandate is road safety. When drivers are well rested, it allows them to drive safe and be focused on the road.
The number of hours that a driver can driver varies in different states. However, the average allowed driving time is between 11 and 12 hours.
And they are also mandated to take a 10-hour reset and 30-hour reset rest every?

There are four elements that a commercial driver is required to maintain:

  • Number of ‘ON DUTY’ hours
  • Number of ‘DRIVING’ hours
  • Number of ‘OFF DUTY’ hours which is also non-driving hours
  • Some hours rested in the vehicle’s cabin which is identified as ‘SLEEPER BIRTH.”

When Plugged to the engine’s ECM port, the ELD (Device) is programmed to send the driving data to the software which allows the software to keep up with all the driving hours.
The software is programmed to helps drivers to keep the NON-DRIVING hours. Such as ‘OFF DUTY, SLEEPER BIRTH and ‘ON DUTY’

What makes us different than others:

  • More than ELD!
  • GPS tracking on both the EDL device and the driver’s application
  • Notifies drivers to take their lunch breaks.
  • Driver Daily Inspection reports
  • Engine Fault codes
  • Battery Health
  • Fuel levels
  • Track and upload Fuel Receipts
  • 24-hour technical support.

For more information please visit electonic logbook for truckers website.

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