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Drones Fly Burritos from Chipotle to Hungry Virginia Tech Students

Chipotle Mexican Grill in Virginia Tech has entered into a partnership with Alphabet to deliver food to hungry coeds. Alphabet, also known as Google’s parent company, sees the need to use drones in an efficient manner, and in thinking this decided to partner up with Chipotle over this idea.

The Chipotle Mexican Grill, Virginia Tech, is excited to be able to use drones to reach their clients. Next months the trials will start, and they will last over a few weeks. The Chipotle delivery trucks will take the drones toward the campus where they will fly the burritos to their location.

Virginia Tech has always been a pioneer in innovation, entrepreneurship, and aviation. This new collaboration just shows how this campus is staying on the brink of technological savviness. This delivery system could be an exciting peek into the future of drone usage. Drones are in the media because of the craze that has swept the nation, and when you go camping or out to the lake there is always a drone in the distance. Initially thought of as a device for the wealthy, drones have become more affordable and are more commonplace in everyday lives.

The testing will serve two purposes for this Chipotle Mexican Grill in Virginia Tech. The first will be to make sure that the food is well packaged and arrives safely to the desired location. The second point is to ensure that the food warmly is delivered to the recipient. Also, the original drone tested will not be the final product, as they are already designing a more sophisticated version.

The U.S. Food Aviation Administration is responsible for approving this drone experiment, and Alphabet is one of the first drones to get the go ahead. Chipotle Mexican Grill, Virginia Tech, is just one of several ways that this campus is looking to build up their students’ future and Virginia’s economy. This testing should go off without a hitch over the next few weeks, and in the future, there should be a lot more drones serving as delivery drivers.

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