Drone Shot Down

Drone Shot Down by Frontierswoman

In an unusual show of marksmanship, 65-year-old Jennifer Youngman shot a drone hovering over her land in Virginia.

A Virginia woman says she shot down a drone after she saw the drone flying over her next door neighbor Robert Duvall. Since 1990, Youngman has been a member of the community of Plains, Virginia. The incident was reported by Faquier Times. The shooting of drones is becoming a trending topic in the country, and shooting span the country from California to Kentucky.

Youngman was spending a quiet Sunday afternoon on her porch cleaning her rifles when she saw some men pull into her cul-de-sac. She said she ignored the men but then she heard something that sounded like a giant bee. That’s when she saw something flying over her field directly toward her herd of cows.

This woman has been fishing and hunting her entire life, so she is a skilled shot. She heard the drone go off in the distance but upon hearing it return loaded her 20-gauge rifle with 7.5 birdshot. The drone started advancing on her, and that is when she blew it out of the sky.

One of the men walked toward Youngman’s estate, and she informed them that the police were on their way, and they needed to lead.

The man turned around and headed toward his car, some type high-end SUV. Youngman ended up running over the drone with her lawnmower. There were no formal complaints made to the police department as of now.

This brings to mind the issue of aerial trespass laws, and exactly what that means for the future of drone fliers. Currently, there are no laws that state that you cannot fly drones over someone else’s property, and drone owners have won lawsuits where their crafts shot down from the sky. This will prove to be an interesting legal development over the next few years.

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