Dr. Yusuf Mosuro Provides Simple Tips for Dealing with Pain

Dr. Yusuf Mosuro Provdes Simple Tips for Dealing with Pain

Stress Reduction and Deep Breathing Can Help a Lot

Dr. Yusuf Mosuro notes that there are dozens of ways to deal with pain, and many of the techniques are simple to learn. In addition to visiting with a qualified physician and having regular checkups, people can actually do a lot on their own when it comes to dealing with chronic pain. Here are a few of the techniques that Dr. Yusuf Mosuro says have been around for many years and have proven to be effective for many people.


People should discuss exercise plans with their doctor, but in general, exercise will increase endorphins in the bloodstream, which means fewer pain signals and overall better health. Exercise does many other things that help in long-term reduction of pain. For one thing, stronger muscles have a lower chance of injury, which leads to less potential pain.

Decrease or eliminate alcohol consumption:

Many people who suffer from chronic pain have trouble sleeping, and alcohol only adds to that problem. By cutting down on alcohol or even totally eliminating it, a pain sufferer will enjoy deeper, sounder sleep each night.

Reduce unneeded stress in daily life: No one can completely eliminate life’s stressful situations, but there are several key things that everyone can do to cut down on stress. Regularly listening to calm music is a technique that many pain sufferers have found to be a real help. In addition, anyone can learn to do progressive muscle relaxation and incorporate it into the daily routine. Just a few minutes of listening to soft music and totally relaxing the muscles can bring relief to those who live with chronic pain.

Practice meditation or deep breathing:

It helps to take a basic meditation class in order to learn several effective relaxation techniques, but you can also find free resources online. Most meditation focuses on the repetition of a word or phrase, or just the observance of the breath. Learning how to go through an entire routine can take just a few minutes of study, but will repay a hundredfold. Simple meditation or just deep breathing for a few minutes each day can significantly reduce the level of pain in the human body.

If you smoke, quit as soon as possible:

There are plenty of reasons to quit smoking, but for pain sufferers, there are a few special ones. For one thing, smoking hinders blood circulation, and that means higher levels of pain. Smoking also leads to heart disease and cancer, which are deadly diseases and often involve high levels of pain. Even effective cancer treatments often lead to chronic pain. The bottom line on smoking is: quit as soon as possible and chronic pain will likely decrease noticeably within a few weeks.

There is no reason to let pain “win,” when there are so many effective ways of handling it. The simple methods listed above, according to Dr. Yusuf Mosuro, are widely known but often overlooked by the very people who need them the most: those who suffer chronic pain.  For more information please visit http://www.dryusufmosuro.net


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