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Dr. Kayode Sotonwa Reveals Essential Stress Relief Strategies

Dr. Kayode Sotonwa Reveals Essential Stress Relief Strategies

Being able to counteract the consequences of stress is important for overall wellbeing, so Dr.  Kayode Sotonwa offers his guide to understanding stress.

Dr. Kayode Sotonwa knows that people all over the world face a number of mental, emotional, and physical health problems each day that can be avoided or improved with some lifestyle changes. Many health professionals talk about how important lifestyle changes like eating right, working out regularly, or staying hydrated can be for physical health. While these are all important things to keep in mind, those who are solely focused on their physical health may be neglecting other aspects of their wellbeing. One of the biggest threats to mental and emotional health is stress.

Many individuals don’t realize just how threating stress can be to their overall health, or how much stress they subject themselves to in their day to day life. Jobs, families, deadlines, traffic jams, commitments, and travel can all cause stress. Many people who deal with these stressors can suffer from conditions like insomnia and anxiety, and they may also have feelings of low self-esteem or be tempted to isolate themselves from others. There are also many physical side effects of stress including headaches, stomach problems, heart palpitations and chest pain, a weakened immune system, and lethargy. Dr. Sotonwa warns individuals that stress can be much more dangerous than they may believe, so that should employ some techniques for fighting stress.

Individuals who feel a lot of stress should first pinpoint exactly what in their life is causing them stress. Identifying triggers and stressors is the first step to improving these areas of one’s life so that they no longer threaten the sanity of the individual. Perhaps it is time to find a less stressful job, to drop a couple of extra commitments, or to take more personal time. By identifying stress causing areas, people can make positive changes in their lives or find better ways to handle their stressors. It is also a great idea for stressed individuals to take time in their daily routines for stress relief exercises. Many people who suffer greatly from stress benefit from working out, meditating, and practicing breathing exercises. Dr. Sotonwa believes that it is essential that for individual with a stressful life to make time to combat stressors with these techniques.

These are just a few simple suggestions from Dr. Sotonwa for fighting stress, but they can make a huge difference in the lives of individuals who may not realize just how much stress is hurting them. Stress can be a dangerous thing to face, but with a good understanding of what causes it, and tools to combat its side effects, any individual can lead a stress free life and improve their own wellbeing. For more health tips from Dr. Sotonwa please visit http://drkayodesotonwa.net/.

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