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Dr. Kayode Sotonwa and your New Year’s Resolutions

Dr. Kayode Sotonwa and your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s been two months since the new year began, and this is the point where new year’s resolutions start to crumble.

People stop going to the gym, going back on their promises, start eating unhealthy again, among other resolutions. However, there are ways to prevent the breaking of resolutions, and Dr. Kayode Sotonwa has a few tips to help keep your resolutions a reality.

The first tip that Dr. Kayode Sotonwa recommends is keeping confidence in yourself and knowing that you can keep your resolution intact. Once you let your resolution break for one day, you’ll be ok breaking it for a second, third, and then it’s just a matter of time before you fully break it.

Create a log where you can track your resolution every day. If you’re goal is to eat healthier, there’s apps you can use to track you calorie intake.

The same goes with going to the gym, you can find trackers to help log your workouts and calories you’re burning.

Use your family and friends as support. Being able to work with them, as you both achieve resolutions can not only be a good way to keep your resolutions from breaking, but it also brings your friendships and relationships closer together. Lend them a hand when they start to falter, or a word of moral encouragement, and it will go a long way. They’ll do the same for you, picking you up when you start to fall, and assisting you to keep going.

Write in a journal or a document on the computer. Writing is a great way to keep track of your resolution and you can also describe the emotions, and the good/bad feeling associated with keeping your resolution true. It can act as something of a time capsule, so when you look back years from now, after you kept your resolution throughout the entire year, you can relive what you went through and have a sense of joy knowing what you overcame to do it.

Dr. Kayode Sotonwa also recommends working on your stress, as well. Keeping your stress low, and your overall positive outlook is a big part of making sure your resolution stay intact.

Stress at work or at home can make keeping your resolutions harder, because your mind will be focusing on other things, and not how you’re trying to improve yourself. The same goes with keeping an overall positive outlook, as feeling happier and thinking positively will not only help your resolution, but your mental and physical well-being.

Finally, Dr. Kayode Sotonwa advises eating healthier, not just as a resolution, but part of your everyday diet. Cheat days are totally normal, but you should keep a healthy diet, with plenty of fruits and vegetables to improve your overall healthiness. Meats can be ok as well, and make sure to eat pasta’s and grains to gain carbs. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and this helps to keep your resolution intact until next New Year’s! For more information please visit http://www.drkayodesotonwa.com

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