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Dr. Kayode Sotonwa ’s Guide to Staying Healthy While Traveling

Dr. Kayode Sotonwa’s Guide to Staying Healthy While Traveling

Avoid illness while traveling with suggestions from Dr. Kayode Sotonwa.

The spring/winter season is always a popular time to travel, and additionally Dr. Kayode Sotonwa knows that many people will also be making resolutions to travel this New Year. Unfortunately this popular travel time is also known for being a prevalent time of illness, with many individuals coming home from their holiday adventures with sniffles, coughs, sore throats, and pounding headaches. Traveling presents many opportunities for germs to spread. Dr. Sotonwa wants to help individuals avoid getting sick during travel so today he would like to share some advice for staying healthy while traveling.

One piece of advice that Dr. Sotonwa has for individuals while they travel is that they avoid relying on junk food for sustenance. It can be difficult to drive past fast food places without stopping while taking cross country trips and to avoid binging on sweets and chips while waiting around for hours in airports. But these fatty, sugary, greasy, salty foods can be heavy, cause weight gain, and have other negative effects on the body. While traveling, whether for work or pleasure, Dr. Sotonwa suggests that individuals make an effort to work fresh foods into their diets and to eat light as often as possible even while on the go. These healthy foods will give the body the fuel it needs and can help boost the immune system.

Obviously the biggest health hazard while traveling is germs. When individuals board planes and busses, or take public transportation around their destinations, they are going to be at risk of swapping germs with everyone who is traveling with them, especially in these tight spaces. The cold weather and the prevalence of flu during the holiday season and well into the New Year will also threaten the health of individuals who are traveling. To avoid catching germs while traveling, Dr. Sotonwa has a few suggestions. Travelers should be sure to keep their hands as clean as possible, and wash them frequently when coming into contact with items or areas that are shared between passengers. Keeping hand sanitizer on hand is also a good choice for when water may not be readily available. Covering the mouth and nose with a mask to avoid inhaling germs, using personal pillow and blankets instead of common bedding, and taking extra vitamins before travel to boost the immune system are also good ways to avoid getting sick while traveling.

Dr. Sotonwa believes that individuals should be able to take advantage of adventures in the New Year without being afraid of health risks and illnesses. He hopes that by keeping this advice for healthy travel in mind, many individuals are able to enjoy visiting loved ones, taking vacations, and exploring the world without the downsides. To learn more about healthy living, or for more health tips from Dr. Sotonwa visit http://drkayodesotonwa.net.


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