Dr. Kayode Sotonwa Offers Healthy Living and Eating Tips

Dr. Kayode Sotonwa Offers Healthy Living and Eating Tips

Internist Dr. Kayode Sotonwa Shows How to Change Eating Habits and Live Longer as a Result

There is no magic formula for incorporating healthy eating into a daily routine, according to Dr. Kayode Sotonwa. In fact, it’s rather easy if people are willing to start with a few small steps and take things slowly.

For example, the doctor points out that merely “ramping up” the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in one’s diet is a smart way to begin a longer-term lifestyle transformation. Most Americans don’t eat nearly enough fresh produce, and could stand to replace some of the “junk” food with healthier choices that have fewer calories and much more nutrition.

Here are some of the suggestions that Dr. Sotonwa has for those who want to incorporate healthier foods and activities into their daily lives:

Choose lean meats and “good” fats:

Eliminating fats like butter and replacing them with healthier ones like olive oil is just one thing that can make a big difference. Choosing lean meats rather than processed, fatty portions is another strategy that helps the body. Fast food meats are often very high in fat, which is why it makes sense to choose lean meats at the store and prepare them at home.

Incorporate more walking into the daily routine:

Why not park in a distant spot and walk to the store or theater entrance? In today’s sedentary society, people seem to seek out the closest parking spaces in order to minimize their distance they have to walk. This is actually an unhealthy habit and can be easily corrected by simple “parking far away” when going shopping or out for a night on the town. The distance adds up and the body will respond with more muscle tone, a stronger heart, and less fat buildup.

Reduce sodium intake:

Dr. Sotonwa points out that almost everyone in the U.S. and other developed nations consumes way too much sodium. Most packaged foods and fast foods contain between one-quarter and one-half of an entire day’s sodium requirement. By eating fresh, home-prepared foods, and choosing items that have low sodium, anyone can begin to eat smart.

Prepare more meals at home:

Eating out means more fat, more sodium and more calories. Not to mention the fact that eating out is costlier than dining in. By preparing your own meals, you have control over things like sodium content, fat, and other additives. There is no better way to maintain a balanced intake of health food than by preparing your own meals at home.

Eating right is not complicated, but it does take a bit of self discipline. However, anyone who wants to change their eating and exercise habits can do a few small things to get the ball rolling. That way, the body gets used to lower-sodium foods, more walking, and fresh vegetables.

After a few weeks, nearly everyone is surprised at how easy it really is to change their lifestyle, provided they go about it gradually and safely.

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