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El Cid Vacations Club invites travelers to Cozumel this winter

Details on the Ironman Event in Cozumel

Scheduled in and around beautiful Cozumel in November, enjoy this true test of athleticism.

With agreeable weather and breathtaking scenery, there is no better locale for such an endeavor.  The 112-mile bike trail along the spectacular coastline, a challenging running course and gorgeous water for swimming await participants, many of whom have spent at least two years in training for this one event.

El Cid Vacations Club members know about the essential beauty of Cozumel, its picture-perfect beaches, fantastic nightlife, scenic terrain and the incredible shopping. The Ironman event will take place in one of the world’s most ideal geographic locations. El Cid Vacations Club points out that there will be 3,000 triathletes taking part in this year’s Ironman Cozumel, making it one of the largest elite sporting events in the area.

Each participant in the contest, according to El Cid Vacations Club, will cover 26.2 miles of running distance, 2.4 miles of swimming, and 112 miles on a challenging bicycle course. The world ironman record is just over eight hours and was set almost 20 years ago inHawaii. The Ironman Cozumel could see a new record depending on the luck of the individual athletes and how windy the bicycle course is on the day of the event.

According to El Cid Vacations Club, the Ironman Cozumel rules require all athletes to finish in 17 hours or less. In order to qualify to participate, prospective competitors must have qualified in multiple events throughout the year leading up to the Ironman Cozumel. The winnowing process is necessary in order to make certain that each participant is capable of finishing within the time period allowed.

Even more challenging than the Olympic marathon run, which is 26.2 miles, the Ironman Cozumel also requires competitors to bike about four times that distance and to swim a challenging 2.4 miles. Typically, triathletes excel at one, or possibly two, of the given events. According the El Cid Vacations Club, most who enter the Ironman Cozumel will have a favorite and least favorite event, the latter of which is usually the swimming portion of the competition.

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