Decorating for a Wedding on a Budget

Decorating for a Wedding on a Budget

A wedding is a momentous event, and you want to make sure yours is beautiful and memorable. But what do you do when the budget you’re working with is tighter than you’d prefer? By being smart about spending and using some decorating and planning skills, you should be able to hold a ceremony and reception that are just as stunning as any. Don’t let financial limitations hold you back—instead, use them to let your creativity run free. Here’s how you can decorate for your wedding on a budget.


A lot of people set their sights on specialized venues located in the city. These locations are undoubtedly attractive, but they can also be quite expensive. An often-overlooked option you have is a more rural locale. In recent years, holding weddings in rustic settings has been a trend, but these venues are often still urban places that a designer has given rugged—yet artificial—charm. In this context, just using an actual country setting is a no-brainer—it will cost significantly less than a city equivalent would.

Renting and Repurposing

Instead of buying all your decorations and furniture new, you can rely on renting. A plethora of wedding rental companies can supply almost all your décor needs for a fraction of the price of buying everything yourself. Whether you need a canopy, chairs, and tables, or even the linens to put on tabletops, rental companies offer all sorts of items to complete the ceremony and reception. You can also save even more money by repurposing furniture or décor pieces from your own home and transporting them to the location. Look around your home and see if anything could seamlessly slide into your wedding décor. You may be surprised at what you can utilize.


If you’re planning to hold your wedding indoors, in a shaded area, or at nighttime, lights can give off a cozy charm that warms and brightens the backdrop. Luckily, their benefits far outweigh their financial cost, which isn’t very high at all. There are so many ways you can use them, and they’ll work well in all sorts of themes and settings. You’ve probably seen pictures of wood-paneled reception rooms ornamented with a nice contrast of clean lights. This is a perfect example of how you can implement lights to complete your desired style. Christmas varieties wrapped around trees or globe bulbs hung from the ceiling will set the romantic tone like nothing else can.

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