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Creating a memory, with Sign With Love

Creating a memory, with Sign With Love

Looking to create a memory that can be used over and over again, and keep its value? Well then, this may be the perfect gift for you or a loved one.

Everyone knows a person who has broken a bone and had to wear a cast on the broken limb. You broke your arm climbing a tree, or a friend broke their leg for example. Usually, you get people to sign the cast, it becomes a moral booster, and it shows that people care about you, or that you care about someone who’s hurt. What if I told you that there was a product where you could have this same show of support, but without the leg fracture? That is where Sign With Love excels!

 “For years people have signed casts with humorous or supportive comments, now everyone can enjoy great inspiration and feel the love wearing one of these personalized scrubs.”

While greeting cards can be a neat gift, Sign With Love scrubs achieve the same result, but they can be worn and used over and over again. They are a great company out of Massachusetts that sell scrubs and other items with the intention of having people write on them.

You can give one as a gift to a graduating medical student, to a family member that works in the medical field, or even one for yourself. They sell baseball caps as well, so you can let the world know about the support you have received.  Their website even exclaims,

“Instead of giving a get well card, or another supportive gift, this unique article of clothing can boost spirits and become a great reminder of loving support shared.”

What I found really neat was their logo, featuring a bit of medical lingo in it. The logo is the word Sign, with a lowercase C and a line over it, followed by the word Love. The lowercase C with the line is the medical sign for With. Put it all together, and you get Sign With Love. A cool logo, for a genuinely cool idea.

Head on over to http://isignedwithlove.com, on the site; you can take a look at all of the merchandise they have for sale. At the moment, they offer the scrubs and ballcap, and they also sell stuffed toy bears with “Sign With Love” scrubs that you can write on, and give as a cute gift.

On a personal note, my mother is a nurse, so I have been around nursing and medical scrubs for years. I showed her the page, and she thought they were such a neat idea, and love the support idea of it. So if you are like me and have a mother in the medical field, or know anyone in it, tell them thanks by giving them a Sign With Love scrub as a gift!

Creating a memory, with Sign With Love


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