How to Correctly Report Online Bullying to Staff

Have you been Facebook fighting on lately? Most of us do, then many times delete the comment. The sad part is many families have not spoken over facebook posts. Some even report the post, and if you say something that can be felt like bullying, you can go to Facebook or Twitter jail. Sound funny in a way, but the truth is some people use it to harass others and do bully them. The social media climate is more vicious than ever, and here are a few things you need to know for work and personal. Remember what your comment /post can affect you personally and cost you your job.

Many people struggle with difficult people online, and this scenario is why it is essential to know how to correctly report online bullying to the staff of your social platform. Bullying has become very severe online and can lead to issues both online and in real life. If you know how to handle online bullying properly, then you can easily navigate your way through the online drama. Thankfully, in most online communities and forums, there are attentive staff members that want to assist you in treating problems associated with online bullying.

Things You Should Not Report

There may be situations that you feel are online bullying, but they are just negative conversations or disagreements that have arisen in your community. It is important that you, as a community member, can tell the difference between legitimate online bullying and heated arguments. If you are on a forum, and someone hurts your feelings, this action does not constitute online bullying. If you are having a problem with a particular member of staff, this does not constitute online bullying. Make sure that you go through your chain of command or user guidelines to report admin issues to the right vocation. By following these guidelines, you are well on your way to knowing how to report online bullying to staff correctly.

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