Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick in Hot Water Over HGH

Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers quarterback, has been in the media due to his infamous sitting down during the national anthem. However, today he has found himself in media headlines due to allegedly having performance enhancing drugs shipped to his household. After getting flamed in the press for the performance-enhancing drug HGH, he denied these rumors stating that the only drug in his system was Megadrox after a 2015 surgery. This acknowledgment wasn’t enough for press because it wasn’t a firm denial.

The substance, Megadrox, is probably going to be added to the NFL’s list of banned substances next year. Even though this is one of the best players in the NFL, and will go down in history, this use of Testadrox and Megadrox will probably mar his legacy.

The NFL has two very solid reasons why they are considering banning these substances from their players’ usage. Once taking these substances, athletes see an increase in their muscle growth totaling over one hundred percent. Older players using these supplements would be even stronger than newer players in the league. Also, these supplements do not need exercise to work efficiently. Just by taking these two drugs players will receive the effects of many hours in the gym, and they will become stronger with no effort. The NFL worries that through this process players will experience more career-ending injuries late in their contracts.

This viral confession of taking Megadrox has gone viral on the internet, prompting lots of attention from concerned fans and viewers. ESPN has taken up the issue by providing information about these drugs, and what they allegedly do within the body.

Megadrox raises testosterone in the body by over 65%, and also increases endurance and energy levels by 52%. This product will also reduce any time taken to heal muscles by 40%. On the other hand, Testadrox raises metabolism by almost 70%. Muscles are easier to tone, appetite is easy to suppress (while continuing to give muscles nutrition), and burns body fat through thermogenic effects.

In at-home tests, fans tried the combination of these two drugs and found exciting results. These experiments just prove that if the NFL bans these two drugs next year athletes like Kaepernick will be feeling the pain and loss. After he gets free of this Megadrox usage, what will the world hold for this famous NFL quarterback?

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