Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick: How Expensive was the taking of the Knee?

So you had a point you wanted to make, and you did. What did it prove? Nothing actually, you took a knee, pissed off a whole demographic of patriotic Americans and now you can’t find a job.

No problem, have you thought of the CFL, the Canadian Football League? That might be your answer. The problem there is they are proud to be Canadian, so if you pull your same stunt over the border they will deport your ass real quick, and you may need armed guards to help you get out safely. Let this be a lesson to all you pro athletes out there, first you are a role model for our youth, for kids being a professional athlete is a dream. You made little kids think your actions are cool now guess what, no one wants to sign you.

Look at Ray Rice; he hits his wife harder than I ever struck another man, and where is he now? What about Pete Rose? That poor guy was my hero growing up, point shaving cost him his rightful place in the hall of fame. Anybody reading this may want to think about your actions. With actions come consequences and some can be devastating. College kids look at what you post on Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat.

Something, later on in life may come back to haunt you. So for Colin that knee, is it like a nightmare now that keeps recurring. Maybe if you could go back in time, would you still have done it? Cause it did not even make one iota of a difference. Oh yes, I guess it did you are unemployed.

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