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Chris Devine Running Guide for Winning Workouts

Chris Devine Running Guide for Winning Workouts

To help runners prepare for upcoming events, and to help them build endurance and strength for the sport, Chris Devine recommends several exercises for runners.

Chris Devine has spent years training in order to perform at the top of his game while conquering great marathons and races. Throughout his years of practice, Devine has picked up many tools, tricks, and secrets to becoming an elite runner. Because of Devine’s avid love of the sport and his desire to encourage others pick up running for themselves, he enjoyed sharing his best learned running lessons with others. From beginners to master marathoners, all runners can benefit from know-how and proper training, so today Devine would like to share some of his favorite pre-run exercises that he encourages others to try.

Running challenges many parts of the body, and that is why it is important to stay fit and to warm up with a variety of exercises to get the body in great shape for marathons, races, morning runs, or training. For building overall body strength for running, Devine recommends planks, mountain climbers, weighted squats, and lounges, which will all strengthen various muscles in the body. Many of these exercises are especially good for working muscles in the legs, and the back, which are both needed for running success. Being limber is also a requirement for running, so working a little yoga into the routine is also a great idea, as these exercises can help with balance, and flexibility as well as help build muscle.

Strength training is not the only kind of exercise that runners should use to help them get into shape and improve their running abilities. Chris Devine also suggests incorporating aerobic exercise to get in shape and build endurance for running. Sprinting, biking, and other aerobic workouts can help individuals as they train for serious running. Devine reminds runners that with any of these exercise and work outs, it is essential to start slow and build up. Don’t go for distance or speed right of the bat. Instead, make time for working out each day or several times a week, and increase distance, workout time, or speed little by little, to avoid burnout and to ensure that building endurance is the focus of the workouts.

Running enthusiast Chris Devine hopes that runners will take his advice into consideration next time they engage in a pre-run workout, or when they are training for distance or speed running events. Devine is always eager to share his greatest running secrets and tips with others. He aims to inspire new runners as they begin to start their own running careers. For more tips and advice from the running expert please visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-devine.

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