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Chris Devine Reveals Radio Advertising Advantages

Compared to internet and television ads, those who choose to advertise with radio can rely on a variety of benefits.

With televisions and the internet so prominent in the everyday lives of most individuals, some people no longer see the value in radio programming or advertising. However, discounting the advantages of radio is a huge mistake. In fact, radio experts like Chris Devine know that radio still stands out over internet and television in many ways, especially when it comes to advertising.

Radio can offer advertisers a number of advantages that other forms of media cannot, and today Chris Devine would like to explore some of the ways that companies can benefit from investing in radio advertising.

One of the biggest perks to choosing radio advertising rather than television or internet is the price. In comparison to the costs of producing a video add for television or internet, or even for creating an internet banner add, an audio add is generally far less costly. Buying time on the radio is also more cost effective than purchasing air time or space on a reputable and impactful website. When many advertisers compare the costs, Chris Devine says radio adds stand out as the most cost effective, especially when advertisers consider what they are getting for their money.

Chris Devine also points out that radio offers an advantage because it is a more personal and targeted method of advertising.

Since most radio stations are revolved around a certain theme, be it a kind of music or a type of talk radio, their markets are already carved out. Those who advertise on these stations know exactly who they are marketing to, and when advertisers want to reach a certain market through radio advertising, it is easy for them to select the precise station that will reach their target market.

Finally Chris Devine reveals that the more passive listening nature of radio can actually be an advantage to advertisers.

These days it is all too easy to skip through commercials online or on a DVR, and even those who don’t use recording technology tend to mute the television or leave the room during commercial breaks. However, with radio, individual listeners are more likely to have a station playing in the background while they are participating in other tasks like driving, cleaning, or working.

They are less likely to change stations in the middle of a commercial, and they may end up hearing the ads and taking them in subconsciously while they work or play.

Chris Devine is one of the brilliant minds behind GeoBroadcast Solutions, which provides services such as ZoneCasting and MaxxCasting to allow radio stations to reach new and further markets.

As one of these creators, Devine knows a thing or two about the benefits of radio broadcasting, and is happy to share his practiced knowledge with others. To learn more from Chris Devine’s radio expertise please visit http://chrisdevineradio.com/.

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