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Chris Devine Radio Discuss History of the Radio

Chris Devine Radio Discuss History of the Radio

The radio has been at the center of historical events since its inception. Learn more about how it has affected and been affected by history.

Chris Devine Radio knows that while everyone has seen and heard a radio in their life, they may not know about the beginning of it. And while most people listen to the radio every day in one form or another, that wasn’t always the case. Chris Devine Radio discusses the history of this very popular medium of communication.

Before World War I, radios were mostly used to contact ships out to sea. Messages consisted mostly of Morse code and they were hugely beneficial to those ships, especially during emergency situations, such as the sinking of the Titanic. When World War I began, the importance and usefulness of the radio increased.

It was used almost exclusively by the military and it was a great tool of communication.

Following the War, civilians began using radios broadcasting mostly news. The British Broadcasting Company and KDKA in Pittsburg burst onto the scene in 1920. KDKA was the first radio station licensed by the US Government and later began advertising the sale of radios to the public. A few years later the BBC began in London and didn’t overcome the use of newspapers until the strike of 1926. Then the BBC and radio became the leading source of information for the public.

Entertainment was another aspect of the radio as families gathered around it to listen together on a regular basis.

When World War II broke out, the radio was huge with relaying news to the public. It was also used by the governments on both sides, to rally support for their cause. In the UK, television stations were shut down and radios were relied on for all the information. After the war, radio switched to become more of an entertainment centered device. Music began to play most of the time and the ‘Top 40’ became incredibly popular. The target audience changed from families to pre-teens and young adults. Music and radio soon became synonymous and FM radio stations quickly overtook AM stations.

Today the many uses of the radio stretch beyond what anyone could have imagined. Radio broadcasting has faded out and satellite radio and Internet radio stations have become the norm. Families are less likely to have radios in their home but every vehicle has one. Radio talk shows are making a comeback and music is the main reason people listen to radios.

Radio has changed throughout history, but it has never faded in use. Chris Devine Radio encourages those considering radio advertisements to reflect upon just how popular and constant radio listening has always been. For more information please visit http://chrisdevineradio.com/

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