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Chris Devine Offers Runners Advice for Marathon Day

Chris Devine Offers Runners Advice for Marathon Day

Runner Chris Devine offers advice on how to prepare for and stay focused on a marathon day.

Along with thousands of other people across the world, Chris Devine has discovered both the benefits of running, and the fun and feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing a challenging marathon. Because of his own experiences and love of the sport, Chris Devine always encourages runners to participate in a variety of races and marathons. He also wants to ensure that runners are properly preparing before they take on a marathon, especially if it is their first time. Today Devine would like to offer some advice for marathon day prep.

Leading up to the big race day, Devine encourages every runner to make sure they have their provisions prepared well in advance.

Though runners want to stay light while they are on the marathon route, they should still bring whatever items they think they may need before or after the race. Extra water, snacks, a phone charger and battery pack, sunscreen, and extra clothing are all excellent to have on hand in case the weather changes, runners get hungry waiting for the race to commence, or other unexpected conditions pop up. One more thing that runners should try to bring to every race is a cheering squad. The support of friends and family can spur a runner on at the start of the race, and it is extremely satisfying to meet loved ones at the finish line. A proper support group will help keep runners motivated and energized on a race day.

Chris Devine also has a few tips for runners to keep in mind during the run itself.

Keeping a steady and manageable pace is important, and prevents runners from hitting burnout too early, especially during a first marathon experience. It is also extremely important for runners to stay hydrated during the run, stopping as frequently as needed at water points along the route. Most importantly, Chris Devine wants to remind runners that mindset is everything. It’s great to have a goal time in mind, but finishing the race in general is a more attainable and productive goal.  When a runner puts too much pressure on themselves, they may also push themselves too hard and have to bow out of the race early.

Marathons are more about having fun in a challenging environment with others who are passionate about the sport, it is not all about making it to the finish line first. Enjoy the run safely, and it can be a successful marathon, a great memory, and another reason to keep running.

Through his own experiences as an avid runner, Chris Devine has become a guru on the subjects of racing, running, and marathons.

He believes that running is a worthwhile and beneficial hobby, and wants to encourage as many others as he can to push their limits by training for a marathon, or simply working a run into their regular routine. From health benefits to the thrill of competition, running has so much to offer individuals, and Chris Devine also has much to offer runners in the form of his personal experiences and lessons. To learn more about Chris Devine’s running secrets, please visit http://chrisdevinerunning.org/.

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