Thanks to Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, anyone traveling to the Dominican Republic for the first time can have a handy checklist to ensure a great trip. Just heed this useful advice before heading off to one of the Caribbean’s most sought-after destinations.

  •     Plan which season to visit. Temperatures are considered most temperate from December through April. Availability can be an issue in this high season, and prices are generally higher. If budget is a primary concern, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club suggests tourists consider planning a trip during the low season between late April and December.
  •     Prepare for the climate. Depending on the time of year, the temperatures may get pretty hot. Combined with the humidity, these tropical temperatures can make it feel even warmer. Guests coming from less humid climates or traveling in warmer months should thoughtfully consider their planned activities to take comfort and safety into account.
  •     Decide activities ahead of time. The Dominican Republic is full of fun activities, so it can be overwhelming for guests to choose what to do on the spot. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club shares that many popular excursions fill up quickly in the high season, so advance reservations are highly recommended.
  •     Bring acceptable forms of currency. The U.S. dollar is widely accepted in the Dominican Republic, although the peso is the official form of currency here. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club suggests carrying nominal amounts of both forms of currency to be prepared for whatever arises.
  •     Stay safe. Drink bottled water when visiting the Dominican Republic. Use a DEET-infused mosquito repellent to safeguard against mosquitos.
  •     Try local foods. Rice, beans, seafood and native produce play a large role in Dominican Republic cuisine. Consider trying regional dishes here that include sancocho, la bandera, mangu, pollo guisado, empanadas, kipes, tostones, flan, chicharron and arroz habichuela y carne.

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