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Celebrate Dia De Muertos in Los Cabos with Marina Fiesta Resort and Spa 1

Celebrate Dia De Muertos in Los Cabos with Marina Fiesta Resort and Spa

In Los Cabos, and all across Mexico, residents and visitors are preparing for Dia De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. In the US and Canada the popular holiday this time of the year is Halloween. In Cabo, Halloween has been adopted as an official holiday celebrated by locals, as there is such a large ex-pat community here. But the traditional holiday, and a truly special and important day in Mexico, is November 2nd, Day of the Dead. Leading up to this day, Mexican families, businesses, will begin to make their “ofrendas” or altars. These altars are similar to shrines to the loved ones who have departed this world. The belief is that on this one day, the souls of our loved ones can return to the land of the living, to be among the living. This is only possible however, if the living keep the memory of the dead with them and preserve their memory. The day of the dead is not a sad day; it is a day of celebration and remembrance. The day of the dead is meant to remember those who have passed and cherish the time with the ones that are still living. The shrines have the pictures of those who have left us, it has their favorite foods, perhaps other memorable items from their lives, bread of the dead, candles and marigold leaves decorate the altars and their favorite foods are placed on the altars as well.

Celebrate Dia De Muertos in Los Cabos with Marina Fiesta Resort and Spa 2

Calavera Catrina

Being in Cabo at this time of year is quite special, and is a great look into Mexican culture. On the marina, and in the town square at Plaza Amelia Wilkes is where the annual altars are placed. Most years, schools, businesses and individuals will build altars to remember the town founders, Mexican actors or singers, politicians, and of course their own loved ones and recognize their lives and achievements and celebrate their lives. Marina Fiesta Resort and Spa, provides a perfect spot for guests, being right on the marina, any altars along the marina will be just steps away. Also, the traditional food and drinks enjoyed on dia de muerto is hot chocolate, and the famous bread of the dead, these will be available along the marina in the Golden Zone and also at the resort restaurants. The day is quite festive and is a fun way to celebrate with loved ones, and a very important day in Mexican culture.

Guests in Los Cabos over Halloween and Dia De Muertos are in for a lively time. Many visitors bring candy to give out to children on the marina and in the plazas, as much of the trick or treating takes place downtown. See you in Los Cabos soon for the festivities!

About Marina Fiesta Resort & Spa – Located on the Marina Golden Zone, the Marina Fiesta Resort boasts one of Los Cabos premier locations. Close to shopping, fishing charters, beaches, and the world-famous Cabo nightlife, the resort offers a truly exclusive location. With luxurious suites from studios to 2 bedrooms, guests and members enjoy full kitchens, on-site dining options, a full-service spa and so much more. Marina Fiesta is part of Mexico Grand Hotels, which also includes Hacienda Encantada Resort & Residences.


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