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Car Dealer and Oil Change Scams Buyer Beware

4. They Don’t Even Bother to Change the Oil at All


If you have ever attempted to hang out in the garage portion of an oil change shop, you might have been told that it’s not allowed for liability reasons. While this true in most cases, it’s a great excuse not to have you in the garage keeping an eye on what the mechanic is doing. After all, if they never changed your car’s oil, how would you ever know unless you took the time to check the dipstick to see if they put new, clean oil in the engine?

While you would like to kid yourself into believing that this is a rare occurrence, you had better think again. There is no way of knowing how many oil change technicians play this little trick since a large portion of victims probably never suspected anything. However, it’s safe to say that it happens far more frequently than you would like to imagine.

TotesNewsworthy Explains You Should get second opinions on your car your repairs. Some dealerships will tell that this and that need to be changed, and it is NOT THE CASE.

So, the lesson today is that if a huge oil change franchises like Jiffy Lube, which is owned by the world’s second-largest oil company, can scam countless people for decades, who can you trust? Yourself … that’s who. Before taking your vehicle into any mechanic shop for work, no matter how mundane it is, be sure to do it once over. Hopefully, this will prevent a dubious oil change technician from getting over on you.

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